ARV - Associative Remote Viewing - Ask anything (Online Tool)

I suppose you already know what remote viewing is.
Otherwise these are good sources:

This online tool contains over a thousand random photos.

How does it work?

  1. Ask a question, for example: What's my name?
  2. Insert all possible answers.
  3. Click "Begin Session" and we will generate random photos for each answer.
  4. When you're done remote viewing your target, click "End session".
  5. You will select the photo you think best suits your RV and we will show you the answer.

Every step counts! Keep your expectations high and success will follow! 🙏 🙂

Training I.

Your RV target is hhi_4056     

When you're done remote viewing, click "show the target" and compare it with your RV photo.

For advanced training try frontloaded targets by entering keywords like water, construction, house, music, snow, metal, stones, car, animal, animals, nature, ocean etc. Photo matching at least one keyword will be displayed.

... enter/click above "Generate New ID"

Training II. - Famous People

Contains names of 100 famous people/celebrities  

Training III. - Cartoons

Over 1500 simple drawings/cartoons to get different kind of Remote Viewings  

Training IV. - Places

Random places, locations and cities  

Training V. - Random Numbers Generator with hidden result

For training RV and intuition.

Minimum: Maximum:

Ready? Ask question!

Possible answers:
(1 line = 1 answer)

Placeholders for Known Targets

When you're remote viewing known target you can get lots of AOLs.
Write at least 2 targets above and click button to generate random placeholders for each target.


2018-12-16 - Google Vision fixed
2018-11-24 - Added "hit percentage" based on selected tags. Thus there's no need to see each photo during analysis if you select the tags, you can just see feedback.
2018-11-13 - Custom ARV photo list for 2 choices; Update: removed, had no effect on RV sessions, the automatic tagging is very good
2018-11-12 - Tag list for improved session analysis
2018-11-11 - Displacement issues... photos changed to previews, added feedback, added more trials
2018-08-25 - Added more accurate photo tagging using Google Vision API
2018-07-29 - Added custom photo sorting and added 1000 photos
2018-06-01 - Improved photo randomization
2018-05-20 - Training for "frontloaded targets"
2018-05-02 - Tags are shown prior to the photo to avoid remote viewing displacement when getting feedback, works very well!
2018-04-22 - Added places
2018-04-05 - Added famous people, cartoons and placeholders, total of 4800 photos
2018-03-14 - Added numbers generator for training intuition and another 1000 photos
2018-02-15 - Photos tagged using Imagga for selecting as different photos as possible
2018-02-14 - Added many more photos and protection for repeated use of photos
2018-01-21 - Published

Does it work?!

You bet it does! :)

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